Aligning The Marketing & Web Development Teams Together

To produce a successful project.

The marketing and development team must be aligned.

If these teams are not in sync with one another the likelihood of the marketing campaign failing is much higher.

If you have a custom website, it’s likely that the development team will need to implement changes and stay in the loop with the priorities for the marketing team, and vice versa.

Otherwise, delays in implementation can result in poor performing campaigns and produce unhappy marketing clients, and no one wants those!

Recently, we were being outsourced by an agency and there was also an SEO agency being commissioned by the client.

I had a great working relationship with the Facebook agency but we couldn’t line up a good communication routine with the SEO agency.

When they were needing to update landing pages we weren’t aware of certain development changes they were doing and they didn’t know how to deploy properly.

They tried to make the changes themselves which did much more harm than good leading to the relationship ending with them and the client.

When there’s no clear line of communication and you’re not sure who’s working on what, results suffer dramatically.

That’s why it’s important for marketing and development teams to align.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, in today’s video, I wanna talk about the importance of aligning the marketing team with the development team. So about three years ago, we were working on a large eCommerce brand and there were three agencies involved with the marketing and also with the development. So one was the SEO. One was Facebook ads, and we were working on the development. Now, the Facebook ads, the client, and our agency for development, we were all in sync and able to get along very well, understand the priorities, the roadmap, the timelines, and who needed what by when, but the SEO agency. I don’t think they had much experience working with other agencies at the, and unfortunately they weren’t able to step up to the plate in terms of communication and letting everyone know what they were working on. And if they needed things from other agencies or other departments.

Now, when as an SEO agency like results don’t happen overnight, obviously. So it’s very crucial from day one, even for the requirements to be very clear from them, they weren’t able to provide them really throughout the whole campaign that they were looking for. They were trying to really do things their way, which is fair enough to a certain extent, but you do need to understand that there are going to be times where there’s other departments or agencies that are affecting your workflow, and you do need to flexible because if you are working for a client at the end of the day, the reason you are working for them is to get them results. And if you’re not able to get them results, that’s gonna look badly on you. And in this case, the agency wasn’t able to get the results that they’d kind of promised or that they were hoping to achieve, and they were replaced.

So we ended up working with a client or a SEO agency, rather that we’d worked with in the past after that, and really overnight, the communication standards changed. We understood the priorities and we were able to work in much better sync with the, the new agency. So the biggest takeaway really is that although you may be working in different departments or in agencies with goals that are not the same at the end of the day, everyone’s working on the same team and you should be trying to drive forward the business, no matter what sort of agency you’re working on or what department it is. So if one department or agency kind of suffers in terms of their results, then the whole team is really gonna feel the effects of that. So thank you for watching. Let me know below any thoughts about this. We’d love to read ’em and thank you for watching. Cheers. See you on the next one.


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