The Importance Of The Discovery Process In Web Dev Projects

How can you increase the likelihood of your project being successful?

Hold a discovery workshop.

This is the most efficient way to handle any project as it facilitates the initial interaction between the client and the development team.

Where both parties can develop a shared understanding and mutually devise strategies on how to best solve a particular problem.

This workshop is part of the planning phase in the app development life cycle.

It not only aligns the project team, stakeholders and clients, but it also provides the opportunity to explore the scope of ideas and steer the project in the right direction, collaboratively.

A product discovery workshop for us is basically a brain dump of all the possible features that could be included in the final development.

We go through it at a high level and work out what are the must haves, nice to haves and the non essentials which helps us build the initial version, known as the MVP (Minimum Viable Product).

When you’re starting with a new project and there are heaps of ideas being thrown around, it’s great to lay them out and then piece together the roadmap on how the app might look in 12-18 months.

Therefore, when beginning a new project, holding a discovery session is an absolute MUST. 🙂

Video Transcript:

Hey guys, James Little here in this video, I’m gonna be talking about the importance of having a product discovery workshop. So when you’re first getting started on a project, it’s very tempting to want to throw in all the different features that you have in your mind, floating around this product discovery workshop is really where it comes down to getting those is out on paper. You bring in all of your project stakeholders. So designers, developers, product managers, project managers, and then the other stakeholders that are involved with the product. From there you go through and everyone can share their ideas about the different features and that’s the first stage. So getting everything out on paper, get the ideas down and then move to the second stage. Second stage is the Moscow prioritization. So we use this at simplex software where we basically go through and based on the perspective of the features, being there to either drive growth with users, drive revenue, or increase user satisfaction, then that’s how we’re gonna be working out.

What is the best options for the Moscow prioritization? So what is the Moscow prioritization? It is what are the must haves, the should haves the could haves and the won’t haves. It is really just filtering all of those different task or different features that you’ve gone through and gone around the circle for understanding and identifying to just put it into a category. If you can categorize those different features based on those priorities, then your app, when you’re first building, it is going to be building the most valuable features first. And what’s going to most likely from your theory be validated first instead of the op opposite is let’s say if you went with the lower priority tasks first or tried to build everything, you’re gonna have a lot more bloat in the code in terms of unneeded features, the validation is most likely not gonna be as quickly because aren’t getting that data straight away to know that these features are really what you’re looking for and the timeline as well is gonna blow out. So next time you’re looking to start a project, definitely try out the product discovery workshop and include the Moscow prioritization. Thanks for watching. And I’ll see you in the next one.


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