What To Do If Everything Goes Wrong With Your Dev

Things are going wrong with your development.

What should you do?

Since there are so many moving parts in a development project, it’s inevitable that some things will go wrong.

But before you go into panic mode and set out to find a new developer, here’s a few things you can do first.

I recommend speaking with the development team and openly communicating around the issues you’re facing.

See how they respond and whether they pose solutions to fix what’s happening. By doing this you can work out whether it’s their communication or the tech that’s the issue.

Then, if this doesn’t get you the results you’re after I’d suggest having another team to give you a second opinion.

This opinion may help you confirm whether things are going well or not as they can see the bigger picture and give you a bit of perspective.

They can also dive deeper into how things have been set up and make sure things like version controlling (github, bitbucket, etc) or server management are in place that can be scaled up as needed.

If you do decide to engage another developer, you don’t want to burn bridges with your old developers.

They may just not have had the experience to help you with what you need, but who knows, you could potentially use them for other jobs in the future.

Video Transcript:

Hi guys, in today’s video, I’m gonna be talking about what to do. If everything goes wrong with your development team and you are considering replacing them. So before you just go straight out and decide you’re going to fire and hire a new team, there’s a few things you can do first to make sure that it’s the right decision. So the first thing I would recommend is sitting down with your dev team or your freelancer, if you can get onto them and expressing your concerns and really trying to get to the bottom of it and see, where does the issue stem from? Is it a technical issue? Does the platform they’re working on have some limitations that weren’t foresee is there a skill shortage? Do they not actually know how to achieve what you’re looking for? Or does it stem from more of a human standpoint where it’s a lack of communication or lack of understanding between the product owner and the developers?

So once you’ve been able to come to some sort of conclusion, you can either, if it’s a favorable outcome, you can keep working with them to try to mend the issue. Otherwise, if you’re not satisfied by in the outcome, then it may be worth reaching out to another development company or a freelancer or another agency so that they can have a look at things from a few different standpoints. One would be from a best practices standpoint. So that would be Reve reviewing and seeing what sort of development methodology they’re doing and what the day to day operations look like for the team. So are they doing daily standup meetings to understand where everyone’s at in the team? Are they doing sprint planning meetings to make sure everyone knows what they’re working on for the next development cycle? And then are they doing sprint retrospectives, for example, as well, that would be another thing to indicate that they do have a good workflow and that they’re working in a consistent manner.

If things are all over the shop, then there are some red flags shown just right there. The other ways to do a review would be looking at things from a technical standpoint. So it would be checking to see if other things are in place, such as repo management. So using a version control tool, such as GitHub or bit bucket additionally to that, it would be making sure there is a deployment strategy and also a testing strategy in place, either something like an automated testing framework, or just having the idea of a enough regression testing and QA checklist to make sure that everything’s still gonna be functioning and built out while you are progressing through your applications life cycle. So the third thing I really wanted to mention is if you are deciding that after doing the reviews and after having the chat with the existing team, if you’ve decided, okay, we still wanna replace them, then that’s fine.

But the thing I would really recommend is to make sure you don’t burn the bridges with the previous dev team, because it’s gonna make the next developer or development teams life a lot easier and your own life, a lot easier because keeping things, you know, civil between each other allows if there’s any confusion of the existing code base allows for those confusions to be resolved relatively quickly, as well as that, there may be times where there’s access to certain systems like credentials or just different sort of files that you don’t have access to. And you didn’t realize until it’s further down the track after you’ve already handed things over to a new team, you do want that relationship still to be there. So it’s easy for your to continue. And they did build everything up to this point to a certain degree. So you may be able to still keep them on for consulting or for some maintenance of the existing features that they’ve got. So let me know below any thoughts about this. We’d love to hear them and thank you for watching. See you on the next one. Cheers.

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