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Website in a Week

A unique, fast-paced
design experience.
  • 1-5 Pre-Designed Pages
  • Premium Template Design​
  • WordPress Theme Set Up​
  • Content Customisation​
  • Privacy Policy

Custom 5-10 Pages

A unique, fast-paced
design experience.
  • 5-10 Custom Built Pages
  • Website Strategy Session
  • Custom Website Design
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Copywriting Support

Custom 10+ Pages

A fully custom 10+ page
WordPress website.
  • 10+ Custom Built Pages
  • Premium Template Design​
  • Custom Website Design
  • Content Customisation​
  • Privacy Policy

Payment Options

Keep it cash-flow friendly with flexible upfront or split payment options.

One time

4 Month

12 Month

All Website 

Packages Include

All Inclusive Features

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Inclusive Feature

Strategic Support 

& Advice

Your dedicated designer will be there to provide advice, feedback and support throughout the process.
This is a ‘Done For You’ service, and your results are important to us

/ 02

Inclusive Feature

Search Engine Optimisation

Come up in the results when potential buyers search for your products and services.
Whether you are a local or online business, we’ll prime your website services to get free organic traffic.

/ 03

Inclusive Feature

Contact &
Enquiry Forms

Your Website in a Week will build major brand-cred but it’s also there to convert traffic, of course!
All forms will be configured to collect leads and deliver them straight to your inbox.

/ 04

Inclusive Feature

Responsive Design (mobile-friendly)

With 70% of traffic coming from mobile, we’ll ensure your new website displays perfectly across all mobile devices and screen sizes.

/ 05

Inclusive Feature

Conversion Rate Optimisation

We’ll make sure your website is set up for maximum results by taking the time to review your offers, content, calls to action and user experience.

/ 06

Inclusive Feature

Hosting & Maintenance

Strategic Support 

& Advice

No need to worry about the back-end maintenance of your website.
Benefit from Australian-based hosting and website support services.

/ 07

Inclusive Feature

Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions

No need to worry about the back-end maintenance of your website.
Benefit from Australian-based hosting and website support services.

/ 08

Inclusive Feature

A.I. Website Copywriting

We use the latest technology to create content for your website that connects to your audience, makes them want to take action and saves you time and money.

/ 09

Inclusive Feature

Feature Upgrade Options

Whether you need branding, eCommerce, a sales funnel, advanced copywriting, paid ads or graphic design, we can add a range of different services to your project

WordPress Developer Perth

Introduction to WordPress Development in Perth

Introduction to WordPress Development in Perth Perth, the dynamic city nestled on Australia’s western coast has evolved as a buzzing hub for web design and WordPress development. The vibrant cadre of experienced WordPress developers in the city, is reshaping the face of the online landscape with custom WordPress websites, exemplary WordPress web design, and innovative solutions to WordPress issues. Leveraging the flexible WordPress platform, these developers in Perth create engaging web experiences, aligning with the brand ethos and customer expectations deftly. From helping businesses establish a new website with tailor-made WordPress site design to revamping existing web solutions with advanced WordPress theme development techniques, their expertise covers a broad spectrum of efficient web development services.

Key to the popularity of WordPress Developer Perth is the easy use WordPress offers for content management systems (CMS). With a focus on SEO, these WordPress website design experts ensure that your website ranks effectively on prominent search engines. Their proficiency extends to all aspects such as WordPress web hosting, creating engaging WordPress plugins, and even offering solutions to fix pesky WordPress bugs. If you’ve heard that WordPress is the best way to establish your digital presence, Perth’s WordPress professionals have the skills to authenticate this claim. Through their agile approach, developers and designers in Perth convey your business narratives convincingly via elegant website design. Prominent web designers Perth, along with a dedicated team of WordPress developers are trailblazing the website development sector with their acute understanding of WordPress design and development. 

Importance of Professional WordPress Web Design

The importance of professional WordPress web design cannot be underestimated in the current digital age. A WordPress expert is capable of optimizing this feature-rich platform to create unique and engaging websites that can boost your business’s online footprint and competitiveness. Perth WordPress designers, operating out of top-notch web development agencies, have the prowess and proficiency to curate well-crafted websites that meet your specific requirements. A Perth-based digital outfit, such as Perth Digital Edge, employs an adept and accomplished team of WordPress designers and developers to do this. As a hub of WordPress CMS mastery, their custom WordPress development solutions encompass a comprehensive array of services and features.

Investing in sound, professional website design in Perth ensures your site’s optimal performance and responsiveness, driving traffic and client engagement. Freelance WordPress developers, known for their creativity and flexibility, usually collaborate with web design agencies, and together they strive to provide the best WordPress web design services. A boutique WordPress web development agency, Perth Digital Edge, for example, is exemplary in providing a fine blend of innovation and practicality in WordPress website development. They hire the best freelance WordPress designers and developers who possess a deep understanding and love for WordPress, ensuring that, when it comes to WordPress, they are indeed the Perth experts. Moreover, companies based in the city of Perth can always find abundant WordPress solutions to problems, thanks to the wealth of WordPress designers in action, right within the city. Therefore, if you need a WordPress website meticulously built, whether you’re looking for a Perth-based WordPress developer or looking to hire WordPress experts, know that developers in Perth can always deliver the complete WordPress project to perfection.

The Role of a WordPress Developer in Perth

In today’s digital era, the role of a Perth WordPress developer has become integral to the success of businesses in Perth, and indeed worldwide. Tasked with the responsibility of designing and implementing engaging, user-friendly websites, these professionals marry technical proficiency with creativity to present viable online platforms for companies in Perth. They serve all types of businesses, whether you are looking to establish a new online store or renew your existing business blog. Building a WordPress website is no small feat, but with their knowledge and expertise, it becomes a seamless task. Moreover, being Perth-based, these developers offer locale-specific solutions, which further augments the effectiveness of their website design in Perth.

When looking for a Perth WordPress developer to hire, it’s crucial to find a team of WordPress experts who have the right balance of aesthetic understanding, technical competency, and comprehension of your unique business requirements. Perth-based WordPress developers are much sought after for their intuitive approach to designing a WordPress website that reflects your brand’s identity and values. They offer comprehensive WordPress development services, and if you need a WordPress website, they will not just help you build it but also provide ongoing support and maintenance. Lastly, as these experts love WordPress and utilize its potential to the fullest, they keep an eye on future trends, ensuring that your business stays a step ahead. So, whether you’re looking for WordPress developers near you in the Perth area or a related service, you can feel confident that choosing a locally-based team will provide you with the right WordPress solutions. And the good news? Some of these experts even offer free WordPress consultation services, so why delay?

Key Aspects of WordPress Web Development

WordPress web development forms the backbone of a substantial segment of the global internet ecosystem. As an open-source content management system (CMS), WordPress provides users with an armada of accessible tools, geared towards the creation and management of websites in various niches. Whether you’re a content-focused blogger or an e-commerce business owner aiming for a rapidly scalable web presence, WordPress is equipped with powerful capabilities to facilitate your projects.

Several key aspects distinguish WordPress web development. The platform boasts an extensive gamut of themes to customize the appearance of your website, catering to a multitude of stylistic preferences. Furthermore, its vast plugin library enables you to augment the capabilities of your site, ensuring a tailored user experience which is vital for businesses. If you’re based in Perth, and looking for a WordPress expert to pilot your website design, Perth provides a thriving landscape of skilled professionals. WordPress’s out-of-the-box SEO friendliness is another significant advantage, making your website easily discoverable. Additionally, WordPress provides continuous updates, facilitating great security, and usability. Examples of what you can do when you hire a WordPress specialist include:   

  • Custom theme development  
  • Plugin creation and optimization 
  • Integration with third-party services 
  • Enhancing website security

In conclusion, WordPress presents a robust, flexible, and intuitive platform for web development, and it’s certainly worth exploring whether you’re a novice in the digital space or an established business seeking to maximize your online impact.

Choosing a Boutique WordPress Web Design Agency in Perth

Choosing a Boutique WordPress Web Design Agency in Perth requires careful consideration and an understanding of your unique online needs. Based in Perth, these agencies offer localized expertise and in-depth knowledge of the competitive digital landscape in the city. Whether you are looking to start from scratch or revamp your existing platform, a boutique WordPress web design agency in Perth can provide a tailored solution that ticks all the boxes for your business.

When embarking on your mission to ‘hire a WordPress’ agency, remember that not all agencies are created equal. It’s important to pay attention to an agency’s portfolio, client feedback, and their understanding of WordPress’s dynamic platform. Are you looking for a WordPress expert to handle a one-off project, or perhaps a long-term collaborator for your digital presence? The choice of agency can therefore drastically alter depending on your specific requirements. Here are three crucial factors to consider when choosing your web design partner:

  • Extensive experience with WordPress: This ensures that the agency can navigate the platform effectively and utilize its many features for your benefit.
  • A strong portfolio of work: This will showcase the agency’s capabilities and might give you an idea of what they could do for your site.
  • Excellent communication: This is particularly critical when discussing your vision, setting expectations, and addressing any potential challenges that may emerge during the design process.

In conclusion, while the journey towards ‘website design Perth’ may seem daunting, finding the right agency ultimately boils down to understanding your needs, doing your research, and establishing a great line of communication. The right boutique WordPress web design agency in Perth can be a game-changer, helping your business to shine online.

Addressing WordPress Bugs and Seeking Help with WordPress

Addressing WordPress bugs is an inevitable task for anyone involved with website design. Perth-based businesses, for instance, often hire a WordPress expert in order to ensure their web presence is functioning as intended. These bugs can emerge from plugin conflicts, theme issues, or core glitches in the WordPress system itself. The key is understanding how to identify these bugs and how to approach their solution in a systematic and efficient manner. Even if you are not looking for a WordPress specialist, being familiar with common issues and their potential fixes can empower you to handle minor problems that could otherwise halt your website’s functionality.

Seeking help with WordPress is another practical aspect that cannot be overlooked, especially for businesses based in Perth and its surrounds. While some individuals may have the knowledge to troubleshoot smaller bugs, there are likely to be instances where professional assistance is needed. Hiring a WordPress expert often saves time and money in the long run, as they are equipped with the experience and knowledge to resolve issues quickly and ensure your website is optimized for performance. Finding the right WordPress expert is a matter of understanding your specific needs and seeking out a qualified professional who can match those requirements. Here’s where knowing the right terminologies, understanding WordPress structure, and being aware of the most common bug sources can aid you in your quest for expert help.

Why Strategic SEO is Essential for your WordPress Website

Strategic SEO is a crucial aspect for any WordPress website, especially for those seeking to enhance their online presence significantly. Excellent SEO tactics facilitate the process of making your site more visible online, enabling search engines to understand your content better and subsequently improving your website’s ranking. This underscores the importance of website design Perth experts who focus on integrating SEO strategies with the overall design of your WordPress website. Enlisting the expertise of such professionals is fundamental in designing a website that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also optimized for search engines.

For businesses based in Perth and looking for a WordPress website that stands out, integrating Strategic SEO into your website is non-negotiable. Firstly, Strategic SEO enhances your website’s visibility, helping it to stand out amid the vast digital clutter. Secondly, a well-optimized website ensures a seamless user experience, translating into higher user engagement and improved conversion rates. Finally, SEO helps build brand credibility and trust by positioning your business as an authority in its field. Therefore, businesses should prioritize hiring a WordPress SEO expert as an integral part of their digital strategy, ensuring their website performs optimally and achieves the desired business objectives.

Unique Custom WordPress Website Design in Perth

Unique custom WordPress website design in Perth is a growing and highly specialized service, catering to many businesses looking to build a strong online presence in the digital landscape. At the heart of this design service lies a commitment to creating a powerful and unique website that not only showcases your business’s capabilities but also enhances its digital footprint. The focus is on creating websites that are visually stunning, highly functional, user-friendly, and tailored specifically to the business’s needs. Each design is meticulously crafted by some of the industry’s most creative minds, based in Perth, that understand the nuances of digital trends and customer behavior.

So, if you’re looking for a WordPress website design in Perth, hiring a WordPress specialist can be a game-changer for your business. The team of designers is adept at using the versatile WordPress platform, ensuring every website design is unique, eye-catching, and carefully aligned to your brand’s persona. The benefits you’ll reap include a well-optimized, search engine-friendly website with easier navigability, supreme performance, and seamless integration with essential apps and plugins. By choosing to hire a WordPress professional, you’re investing in online real estate that is future-proof, secure and is a true reflection of your brand to the digital world. Trust this bespoke service guaranteeing your website stands out in the crowded virtual space, carving a niche for itself, and delivering a potent message to your audience.

Finding the Right Team of WordPress Web Developers Near Perth

Navigating the world of website design in Perth can be overwhelming, particularly when it comes to finding a proficient team of WordPress web developers. The key lies in understanding your specific project requirements and thereby choosing a competent team that aligns with your objectives and visions. Whether you’re launching a start-up or contemplating the digital makeover for your established business, the right pool of professionals can be instrumental in creating a robust online presence, effortlessness in navigation, and seamless user experience.

If you’re looking to hire a WordPress team based in Perth, a few crucial factors can guide you in making an informed decision. These can range from their portfolio of past work, and ability to integrate advanced features to their understanding of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and page load speed. Particularly for WordPress, expertise in plugin integration and custom theme development can be pivotal for your business. The ideal team should be forward-thinking and abreast of the latest WordPress updates and trends, in addition to having a robust support and maintenance system. Hence, whether you’re looking for a WordPress team to build, maintain, or optimize your online platform, it’s essential to pick a team that leverages their expertise to meet your unique digital needs while delivering quality and value.

Perth Services: WordPress Development and Beyond 

Based in Perth, our diverse set of services is designed to cater to all your digital solutions, with a particular emphasis on WordPress development. We understand the need for a robust online presence in today’s swiftly evolving digital landscape, hence the inclusion of WordPress in our eclectic portfolio. We leverage all the versatile features this platform offers, including SEO-friendly structure, responsive designs, and customizable themes, making it apt to build dynamic and engaging websites. Whether you are looking for a WordPress specialist to create a multipurpose website design Perth has never seen before, we have the expertise to deliver beyond expectations.

Our services don’t stop at WordPress development. To make your digital journey seamless, we also extend our assistance in digital strategy, social media marketing, SEO, and more. If you’re looking to hire a WordPress expert, our team uses a streamlined project management course of action to ensure all your requirements are met with utmost efficiency, right from the project’s kickoff. Moreover, we value digital innovation and continually embrace emerging trends to provide state-of-the-art solutions. Our services include but go beyond:

  • Thorough analysis and planning
  • WordPress site design and development
  • Ongoing site maintenance and support
  • SEO and social media marketing

In this competitive digital world, we strive to provide you with the upper hand with services that not only meet your current needs but also address any future challenges that may surface. With us, you are choosing a partner that genuinely cares and works tirelessly to ensure your online success.

How to Hire the Top WordPress Developer in Perth

Looking to enhance your online presence? Employing a top WordPress Developer in Perth may just be the key to achieving this. The process of finding a highly skilled WordPress professional need not be daunting. Find out how website design in Perth has been uplifted by a team of experienced WordPress developers, and how their expertise can transform your digital landscape. This goes beyond just creating a platform; it’s about weaving a comprehensive digital strategy to ensure that you stand out in the crowded online market.

When you’re looking to hire a WordPress developer, it’s essential to factor in their competency, portfolio, and proven track record in the industry. Based in Perth, these developers should understand the demographics of your target audience to tastefully structure your content and site layout. This can immensely contribute to improving your brand visibility and engagement rates. It’s a no-brainer that looking for a WordPress developer involves keen scrutiny of their coding skills, and creativity, among other factors. Make a conclusive decision by considering the following elements: the developer’s skills and experience, the ease of communication, their adherence to deadlines, and not to forget, the costs involved. Your online presence is just as important as your physical one; 


In conclusion, if you’re based in Perth and looking for a WordPress expert, hiring professional services would be your best bet. A quick online search for “website design Perth” would yield multiple options for you to choose from. WordPress is a robust and universally accepted platform known for its versatility and user-friendly features, making it ideal for all your business’s online needs. By hiring a WordPress expert, you can get a tailored website design uniquely suited to your brand’s aesthetics and functionality requirements. 

WordPress specialists are also knowledgeable in SEO practices, which would essentially increase your online visibility in the Perth market. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re a start-up or a well-established firm based in Perth, hiring a WordPress professional can provide a significant rise in your business’s online presence and operability. So, if you’re looking to scale your business’s digital footprint efficiently and effectively in the competitive Perth marketplace, hiring a WordPress expert for your website design is an investment worth considering.


Q1. Where can I find a WordPress developer based in Perth?

A1. You can find a WordPress developer based in Perth by searching online for website design companies in Perth that offer WordPress development services.

Q2. How do I hire a WordPress developer in Perth?

A2. You can hire a WordPress developer in Perth by searching online for website design companies in Perth that offer WordPress development services.

Q3. What should I look for when looking for a WordPress developer in Perth?

A3. When looking for a WordPress developer in Perth, you should look for a company that has experience in website design and WordPress development and is based in Perth.

Q4. What services do WordPress developers in Perth offer?

A4. WordPress developers in Perth offer website design and WordPress development services, such as custom theme and plugin development, website maintenance, and more.

Q5. What is the cost of hiring a WordPress developer in Perth?

A5. The cost of hiring a WordPress developer in Perth will depend on the scope of the project and the experience of the developer.

Q6. Are there any WordPress developers in Perth that specialize in eCommerce?

A6. Yes, there are WordPress developers in Perth who specialize in eCommerce website design and development.

Q7. What is the best way to find a WordPress developer in Perth?

A7. The best way to find a WordPress developer in Perth is to search online for website design companies in Perth that offer WordPress development services.

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Rik Peters
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Very responsive and always going above and beyond to ensure we were happy. Very knowledgeable with WordPress and Woocommerce. He was our saviour. We came to James with so many issues on our current site and he fixed them all quickly and efficiently. Very professional and great job. Will definitely hire him as our go to guy. Thanks James and Simplex Software.
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Great working with Simplex Software on this project. Best thing about this job was the attention to detailing, the proactive nature of finding things our team missed and sorting it out whilst communicating along the way. Already scheduled them in on the next project.
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James and Simplex Software are amazing to work with. They communicate extremely well and makes the complex simple! They also has many ideas to share. I would highly recommend them!
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