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Strategies We Put In Place When Managing a Team Virtually Through Covid-19

Many businesses have found working remotely challenging. Lucky for us, we’ve had a remote team from day one. Through Covid, we’ve managed to keep practices in place such as regular zoom catch ups with the team to check in on how everyone’s going. Our team is located all over the world which can be tough to manage due to differing time zones, although the upside of this is that work gets completed around the clock. Some of the things we’ve done to keep things on track is making sure project management tools are being used correctly, following standard processes for

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How to Spot Nightmare Web Developers

When outsourcing a new software or development agency. There are a few red flags to look out for. One of the biggest ones is poor communication and slow response times. If you haven’t started a project yet and they’re already struggling to keep up with email responses, then this is a bad sign. Developers can often overestimate how much work they can take on at once in an attempt to get as much work as possible, which then leads to poor communication. Most developers have been guilty of this in the past, including me in my younger days! In many

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What To Do When A Problem Arises On Your Web Development Project

Challenges in your projects are bound to happen. It’s not about how to avoid them, it’s about how to HANDLE them. Recently, we were launching a new platform that needed a total redevelopment. When we launched, there were some server issues as there was an unexpected load on the server which brought things down. Instead of panicking and creating more chaos, our team managed to stay calm whilst still understanding the severity of the problem as it was a live site in a major launch. We put together a plan of attack and isolated the problem to come to a

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What To Do If Everything Goes Wrong With Your Dev

Things are going wrong with your development. What should you do? Since there are so many moving parts in a development project, it’s inevitable that some things will go wrong. But before you go into panic mode and set out to find a new developer, here’s a few things you can do first. I recommend speaking with the development team and openly communicating around the issues you’re facing. See how they respond and whether they pose solutions to fix what’s happening. By doing this you can work out whether it’s their communication or the tech that’s the issue. Then, if

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The Importance Of The Discovery Process In Web Dev Projects

How can you increase the likelihood of your project being successful? Hold a discovery workshop. This is the most efficient way to handle any project as it facilitates the initial interaction between the client and the development team. Where both parties can develop a shared understanding and mutually devise strategies on how to best solve a particular problem. This workshop is part of the planning phase in the app development life cycle. It not only aligns the project team, stakeholders and clients, but it also provides the opportunity to explore the scope of ideas and steer the project in the

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