Strategies We Put In Place When Managing a Team Virtually Through Covid-19

Many businesses have found working remotely challenging.

Lucky for us, we’ve had a remote team from day one.

Through Covid, we’ve managed to keep practices in place such as regular zoom catch ups with the team to check in on how everyone’s going.

Our team is located all over the world which can be tough to manage due to differing time zones, although the upside of this is that work gets completed around the clock.

Some of the things we’ve done to keep things on track is making sure project management tools are being used correctly, following standard processes for deploying software updates and keeping to schedule when releasing new features.

When we went live with Airview Online, we coordinated different time zones to make sure all checks were still done and there were no issues.

I experienced these different time zones myself when I got stuck in Europe due to Covid which made it difficult to speak with our Australian clients.

I relied on my team to take my place in terms of communication and project management and it was great to see everything continue to run smoothly.

This ended up having a positive impact as it gave my team more responsibility and allowed them to flourish.

So although there’s not doubt Covid has been challenging.

Remember there’s always silver living to every cloud.


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