Agile Software & Web Development in Sydney & Melbourne

Agile Software & Web Development in
Sydney & Melbourne

Our Web and Software Development follow Agile Metholodies.

We have clients based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Our Team are 100% remote which combined with our agile approach means that we have the ability to build and maintain websites all over Australia and New Zealand.

Working with Agile has a few main benefits.

The first is that it is different from traditional (waterfall) software development where you 1) plan the project once and then 2) the development team gets to work and 3) you’ll see the finished product at the end of production. Essentially working in phases.


If you have a very clearly defined project scope and understand your market well, then this Fixed Scope project delivery may still be suitable.

However with the agile approach, if you are developing software from a new and untested idea then we generally recommend an agile approach that breaks your project down into small chunks (known as sprints).

This not only allows for more flexibility within the project, but also allows you to preview your new software rapidly (usually every 2 weeks) so that you can begin your market validation process ASAP. 

How this works:

  1. Product Discovery Session to determine the overall product roadmap and product backlog.
  2. Prioritise which features will bring the most value initially, these features will be included in the first release of the project – known as the MVP (minimum viable product). 
  3. Design & Development commences for the first iteration (sprint 1). Sprints generally last 2 weeks and are tight in scope to ensure the product can be delivered and the team commit to completing their assigned components.
  4. Generally the product is ready for review after sprint 1. The product is reviewed and sprint 2 is planned and feedback is taken into consideration.
  5. The sprint development and feedback cycle repeats


What if requirements change?

This is the beauty of the agile model. Agile development welcomes feedback during the development process and allows for changes of requirements and feedback new information comes to light.

By delivering software after every sprint (agile), you will be able to stress-test your assumptions about what you wanted and you may realise that you need to go in a different direction.

In this case, your new feedback can be implemented as early as the following sprint (only a handful of days away).

In comparison to waterfall, generally you are working with a fixed scope that is locked into a longer timeframe so that the feedback loops are generally way too slow to pivot.

Go to Market Quicker and Validate Sooner

At the end of the day, the software you are building is to serve some user base, whether it is internal or external. Before building, there is a set of assumptions you make about the problems that the product you are building is solving.

The quicker you can take that theory to market and validate whether it is meets the users needs or not, the better.

By focussing only on the most valuable aspects of your product first, you ensure that the time spent on development is not wasted on features that may or may not be used.

Say goodbye to long lead times and hello to rapid innovation.

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Simplex experience in delivering high-quality development & MVP services to a client base that includes some of Australia’s most recognisable brands gives us a distinct advantage when it comes to designing your systems and ensuring success from day one.

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I unreservedly endorse James Little for your work. Professionally James is an excellent all rounder for any online project, he is knowledgeable and easy to work with, he has a can-do attitude, no job is too small or too large, you feel you are in the confident hands of a consummate professional without ego - always approachable, available and solutions driven.
Rik Peters
The Thought Yard
James and Simplex Software are amazing to work with. They communicate extremely well and makes the complex simple! They also has many ideas to share. I would highly recommend them!
Lorena Stanley
Experts in Customer Acquisition
Great working with Simplex Software on this project. Best thing about this job was the attention to detailing, the proactive nature of finding things our team missed and sorting it out whilst communicating along the way. Already scheduled them in on the next project.
D & B
Mayfair Team
Very responsive and always going above and beyond to ensure we were happy. Very knowledgeable with WordPress and Woocommerce. He was our saviour. We came to James with so many issues on our current site and he fixed them all quickly and efficiently. Very professional and great job. Will definitely hire him as our go to guy. Thanks James and Simplex Software.
Nancy & Geo
The Hollywood Initiative

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