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Waterfall VS Agile Web Development

Waterfall vs agile development. Which one is better? Waterfall development is where once you’re done with the work you sign off and can’t come back in and make adjustments. Whereas agile development is similar to lots of mini waterfalls with a much smaller scope and it’s a lot more flexible. Every two weeks (this is called a sprint) you have a small development cycle where you decide on the requirements, collaborate with developers and then develop it. We use agile development because it reduces the chances for blow outs on projects and means we can show our client what we’ve

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The Roles of A Successful Web Development Team

In a successful development team. There are a lot of different complementing roles. When I started off in the industry, I was guilty of biting off more than I could chew. Now that I look back, it’s crazy to think I thought could handle the role of an entire IT department! To build a successful development team, these are the key people you need: Developer: Writing code for the front-end and back-end of the application, or both. Quality Assurance: Creates automated or manual testing systems to ensure everything is looking and functioning as expected. SysAdmin: Managing servers, scalability and security.

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Aligning The Marketing & Web Development Teams Together

To produce a successful project. The marketing and development team must be aligned. If these teams are not in sync with one another the likelihood of the marketing campaign failing is much higher. If you have a custom website, it’s likely that the development team will need to implement changes and stay in the loop with the priorities for the marketing team, and vice versa. Otherwise, delays in implementation can result in poor performing campaigns and produce unhappy marketing clients, and no one wants those! Recently, we were being outsourced by an agency and there was also an SEO agency

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The Importance of The MVP in Web Development Projects

When you’re starting a new web based project. You MUST think about your MVP. It can be tempting to want to include every feature under the sun in version one of your project. While it’s great to get all of your ideas out on the table, it’s important to stop and think about which ideas are most crucial to validating your theory. This is called your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). It allows you to launch quicker and learn if what you think your customers want actually desire it without spending significant amounts of time and money. We experienced this recently

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Improving Chances For Web Design Project Success

Recently I did a post about the key reasons why projects fail. Since then, I’ve had a lot of people asking me what they can do to improve their chances of success. It starts with understanding what you want from your software, getting the right team who can bring your vision to life, and clearly defining your deadlines, outcomes and budgets. Then throughout the project make sure to be constantly communicating with your development team and gain a good understanding of the project lifecycle. Beyond this, both parties need to agree on having clear documentation for deploying changes and maintain

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