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Biggest Reason for Web Design & Development Project Failure

Over the years I’ve heard countless stories of project failures. And I’ve realised that it always comes down to the same key issues. Recently, a client approached us with an existing custom client management portal that needed a lot of work to get it up to scratch. Different ideas were being thrown around between stakeholders about what was needed, but nothing had been clearly planned out. This resulted in a lot of half-baked features creating a very buggy and unintuitive platform. In the end, it created twice as much work as we had to rebuild it from the ground up

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Hiring a Web Developer VS An Agency in 2022

Is it better to hire a web developer or an agency? This is a question that I’ve heard many times over the years. When you hire a web developer, you can’t expect the same amount of attention to be given to the project. Since there’s only one person behind the screen who’s trying to juggle everything at once, this poses a few risks. You always need someone to double check your work, and once you scale out, it’s not feasible to just have one person managing all the servers, development, QA, testing etc. I’ve experienced this recently with a client

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Understanding The Marketing Strategy of Your Website or App Before Building

Building an amazing app but there’s no need for it? That’s why it’s so important to understand your marketing strategy. We experienced this exact situation not long ago. We were working with a classifieds listing website and got in touch with them to get an understanding of their go to market strategy. Due to the nature of business they were, they couldn’t use a lot of sites for ads but SEO ended up being a great fit. So we introduced them to an SEO company they could use to grow their business organically through planning where to get traffic from,

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